Why Our Macarons Make The Perfect Gift

Delicious. Dainty. Colourful. Fashionable. Classic. Stylish. What’s not to like about macarons?

Tray of pink macarons

Just one of our macaron flavours

If you need a hostess gift to take to a lunch or dinner party, then a prettily wrapped box of macarons will be received with a smile.

Take them to a bridal shower party. Or a baby shower. Or to somebody who’s been poorly in hospital who’d like something delicious to have with a restorative cup of tea. You can indulge in macarons with morning coffee, afternoon tea or after dinner – they’re perfect for just about every occasion.

Since we started offering macarons at Genuine Cakes we’re amazed at how popular they’ve become. The thing is, they’re so attractive and versatile – and also easy to transport.

handfinished macarons

Handfinishing our macarons in our bakery

What flavour would you like?

Just about anything really. Our macarons come in Banana, Chocolate, Chocolate & Orange, Cinnamon, Lemon, Malibu, Nutella, Pineapple, Strawberry and Vanilla.

You can order your macarons in one single flavour or a choice of flavours and they’ll be delivered in just three days. The smallest box is 10 macarons and the largest 35! If you’re stuck for a birthday gift for a friend, instead of sending a voucher, why not send a box of macarons for them to enjoy? We’ll deliver anywhere in the UK.

We’re delighted to say that we’ve supplied some major A-listers. Of course, discretion prevents us from saying exactly whom, but be reassured you’ll be munching macarons in good company!


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