What Makes A Child’s Birthday Cake Extra Special?

There’s no doubt that a birthday cake is often the centrepiece of a birthday party and having a cake that inspires exclamations of ‘wow’ and ‘cool’ is all part of throwing a successful children’s birthday party.

What would be their dream cake?

So do you let your child decide on the birthday cake they want? Or do you surprise them? Personally, I think it’s worth keeping a delicious surprise up your sleeve – giving them something you know they’ll love but which they aren’t expecting. A lot of it is the look.

Got a teenage daughter who’s mad on fashion? Then how about giving her a replica Chanel or Prada handbag birthday cake? Or for a younger girl it could be a Disney Princess cake. As for boys, you could go the sports route.

Chanel Handbag Cake

For the teenage fashionista, a birthday cake that looks like a coveted Chanel handbag!

We’ve done tennis cakes for would-be Andy Murrays and we’ve done tractor cakes for toddlers who are going through that tractor-mad phase. Or you could go for favourite action heroes, books, a band …

Plane birthday cake

A plane cake we made for birthday boy Charlie (who wants to be an airline pilot when he’s grown up!)

And the cake flavour?

Obviously chocolate is always a favourite flavour but what about Oreo Cookie, Chocolate and Raspberry, Banana or Toffee? We’ve over 50 different flavours to choose from and also offer gluten and dairy free cakes if your child has to follow a special diet. Browse our cake gallery or get in touch and come in for a consultation if you want something special made. And just think about the look on your child’s face when you bring in the surprise birthday cake with the candles all lit.


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