Are 50 Different Cake Flavours A Little Too Much Choice?

When we’re asked what flavours our cakes come in and we answer “over 50 actually” we’re sometimes told off for making a choice too difficult.

But we think that if that’s a difficult choice, then bring it on.

Because whilst chocolate, vanilla and coffee will always be popular, we’re always on the look out for new taste sensations.

Planning on buying a celebration cake for somebody who’s a chocoholic! Then think about our Maltesers cake, Nutella cake, Oreo Cookie Cake or Chocolate and Peppermint cake.

Want a lighter cake for a summer party? Then how about a honey cake or a pear flavoured sponge?

2-tier red celebration cake

One of our classic celebration cakes. But the flavour inside could surprise you? It might be rose. It might be red velvet. It might be raspberry.

Or you might like to try our rose-flavoured cake.

If you’re having trouble making up your mind, then why not order our sample cake box for £6 which lets you choose from four different flavours. You can order it online here and have it delivered by post or come and collect it from the shop. Go mad and order two boxes if you like!

chocolate celebration cake

Chocolate on the outside. But what flavour chocolate on the inside?

You might like to think about our Fruitcake Without The Bits which is exactly that. A smooth sponge with the flavour of fruit cake but without the texture.

And don’t forget, if you’re having a tiered celebration cake you don’t need to have the tiers created in the same flavour. Mix it up a bit – how about a chocolate layer and a raspberry layer? Mix and match so that all your guests are happy.

You won’t believe it until you taste it. So come in for a complimentary cake tasting and consultation or order our cake sample box for a delicious surprise!


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